• FAK RECORDS FAKE245 2013 | DL SA-606-2013

With the excuse of celebrating the 25th anniversary of his first concert, accordionist Gorka Hermosa gathers here recordings not included in his previous CDs.

Hardly classifiable, in the album you can find very diverse compositions that perfectly draw the accordionist’s heterodox musical personality, between contemporary music, jazz or root music (tango, folklore, flamenco …).

Silvia Márquez collaborates on this occasion with three pieces in duet with Gorka, belonging to his project Fantangueando : Danza del Molinero by Manuel de Falla, Fantango by Jukka Tiensuu and I want to compare it to you , by Zaragoza composer Miguel Ángel Remiro.


01. Gorka Hermosa: Girondeando

02. Germán Díaz: Pechotango

03. Jukka Tiensuu: Fantango (versión para clave y acordeón) *

04. Baldo Martínez: De Onte pra Mañán

05. Gorka Hermosa: Euskadi-Buenos Aires 04

06. Gorka Hermosa: Galliano en Santiago

07. Petri Makkonen: The Flight Beyond the Time

08. José Luis Montón: Fiesta

09. Gorka Hermosa: Gernika, 26:4:1937

10. Manuel de Falla: Danza del Molinero (arreglo: G. Hermosa) *

11. Gorka Hermosa: Ekía

12. Popular / Gorka Hermosa: Entradilla de Segovia

13. Ángel Cabral: La Foule

14. Miguel Ángel Remiro: A tu querer lo comparo (versión para clave y acordeón) *

15. José Manuel Fernández: Tocata

16. Gorka Hermosa: Suaren Zortzikoa

17. J. S. Bach / José Luis Montón / Gorka Hermosa: Bach por Bulerías


* Colaboraciones | Silvia Márquez, clave.




With the excuse of celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first concert, Gorka Hermosa brings together recordings not included in their previous CDs, which until now were, well unpublished, as well as loose themes scattered on different albums. As an example, his first recording: published 13 years ago in the compilation album of award-winning artists in Juventudes Musicales de España.


In the album you can find very different recordings, which nothing or little have to do with each other, but that perfectly draw the personality of this heterodox artist, with formations such as: Fantangueando < / span> (contemporary music duo that has formed together with the harpsichordist Silvia Márquez since 2008), Ibêricum (fusion group, formed by heterogeneous Iberian artists), groups trained to bring the Tangosophy project live (the duet with Germán Díaz , GH Trio or Diaspora ), the duo Flamenco Etxea (with flamenco guitarist José Luis Montón), the duet with Raquel Martín and recordings in solo of contemporary music.



(1)  Raquel Martín & Gorka Hermosa project demo(Santander, 2012).

(2, 11, 13)  extracted from the mockup of Germán Díaz & Gorka Hermosa (Ponferrada, 2004).

(4)  taken from the concert of Ibêricum en Zumarraga (Zumarraga, 2008).

(5, 12, 16)  recorded for the CD Thangosophy y no incluidos en él (Ponferrada, 2006).

(3, 10, 14)  extracted from the mockup of Fantangueando (Granada, 2010).

(6)  extracted from the concert in Gijón de Gorka Hermosa trío (Gijón, 2008).

(9)  extracted from the CD “Urretxuko Musikak” (Santander, 2007).

(7)  extracted from the CD “JME 2000”. Primera grabación de Gorka Hermosa (Altea, 2000).

(15)  recording for the composer (Santander, 2011).

(17)  extracted from the mockup of “Flamenco Etxea” (Santander, 2007).


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